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Vivek Ramaswamy’s no good, very bad week

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Published 08-31-2023

Ramaswamy's media coverage and popularity

  • - Ramaswamy emerged as the most talked-about candidate after the first Republican primary debate in 2024.
  • - Online searches for Ramaswamy surged following the debate.
  • - He has been appearing in various media outlets, including Meet the Press and Fox News.
  • - Ramaswamy's media coverage is causing more problems than anticipated.
  • - Unlike Trump, Ramaswamy lacks a built-in base of loyalists to defend his mistakes.

Ramaswamy's interview with Sean Hannity

  • - Ramaswamy had a softball interview with conservative anchor Sean Hannity.
  • - The conversation derailed when Hannity called out Ramaswamy for misrepresenting his position on ending aid to Israel .
  • - Ramaswamy stuttered and stumbled when confronted by Hannity's challenge.
  • - Ramaswamy's campaign strategy relies on interviews with reporters who won't challenge his ideas.
  • - Hannity's rejection of Ramaswamy's grift should be a warning sign.

Ramaswamy's lack of understanding of the government

  • - Ramaswamy proposed requiring young voters to pass a civics test but showed a lack of knowledge during a Meet the Press appearance.
  • - He had no idea about the vice president's role and what they can and can't do.
  • - Ramaswamy offered a list of impossible proposals when asked about what he would have done differently from Pence on Jan. 6, 2021.
  • - The vice president's role as president of the Senate is ceremonial, and Ramaswamy wouldn't have the authority to introduce legislation or force it on the Senate.
  • - Ramaswamy claims young people don't understand how the government works, but he himself lacks a basic understanding.

Ramaswamy's impractical and illegal ideas

  • - Ramaswamy's proposal for single-day voting, paper ballots, and government-issued ID matching the voter file is impractical.
  • - His proposal suggests that achieving these conditions would ensure election integrity.
  • - Ramaswamy's proposal demonstrates a lack of understanding of the Constitution and the limits of power.
  • - Republicans, including Hannity and Pence, are calling out Ramaswamy for lacking a basic understanding of the government.
  • - Ramaswamy challenges anyone who disagrees with him to try and stop him.

Ramaswamy's lightweight campaign and lack of serious thinking

  • - Ramaswamy's campaign reveals a lack of concern for consistency or serious thinking.
  • - He struggles to explain his own past public statements.
  • - Ramaswamy wants to be taken seriously as a top-tier presidential contender but needs to make sense of his political beliefs.
  • - Trumpism is reflected in Ramaswamy's belief that Republicans can bend the rules of government to suit their political needs.
  • - Ramaswamy's campaign highlights the importance of a candidate's respect for the rule of law and a desire to faithfully execute the office they seek.


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