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Vivek Ramaswamy now tied at 2nd spot with DeSantis in Republican presidential field: New poll

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Published 08-20-2023

The article from Hindustan Times discusses the recent developments in the US Republican presidential race. Here are the key points:

  1. Poll Results: An Emerson College poll has shown that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Indian-American entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy are tied for the second place in the Republican presidential field, each with 10% support. Former President Donald Trump leads the race with 56% support.
  2. Shift in Support: DeSantis , who had 21% support in June, has seen a significant drop to 10%. On the other hand, Ramaswamy's support has surged from a mere 2% to the current 10%.
  3. Supporter Loyalty: Pollsters found that almost half of Ramaswamy's supporters said they would definitely vote for him, while only a third of DeSantis supporters expressed the same certainty. In contrast, over 80% of Trump supporters said they would definitely vote for the former president.
  4. Strategy Memo: A leaked memo from the super PAC supporting DeSantis , named 'Never Back Down', has suggested that DeSantis should aggressively target Ramaswamy. This comes as some polls show Ramaswamy closing in on DeSantis for the second spot.
  5. Ramaswamy's Response: In reaction to the memo, Ramaswamy commented on X (formerly Twitter), dismissing the attack as a "boring, establishment attack" and referring to DeSantis as "Robot Ron".
  6. Demographics: Emerson College Polling's Executive Director, Spencer Kimball, mentioned that Ramaswamy has gained traction among voters with postgraduate degrees (17% support) and younger voters below 35 years (16% support). Meanwhile, DeSantis 's support among postgraduate voters dropped from 38% in June to 14% now, and he has 15% support among those under 35.
  7. Upcoming Debate: DeSantis , Ramaswamy, and other GOP presidential candidates are set to participate in the first Republican primary debate next week. Over 80% of Republican primary voters plan to watch the debate. Notably, Trump seems to be planning to skip the debate.
  8. Poll Details: The poll was conducted from August 16-17 among 1000 registered voters, including 465 who said they plan to vote in their state’s Republican primary or caucus. The credibility interval was 3 points.


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