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Vivek Ramaswamy Launches a Resignation Petition Against RNC Chairwoman

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Published 11-16-2023

Resignation Petition Against RNC Chairwoman

Vivek Ramaswamy launched a petition to oust RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel . Republicans have been losing elections since McDaniel took over in 2017. McDaniel 's job is to fundraise and help with ground games in states, but she doesn't state races. McDaniel is pushing an effort to get Republicans to bank votes early by voting by mail and early voting. Ramaswamy criticized McDaniel for not knowing what her job is.

McDaniel responded that Ramaswamy is a "snake oil salesman" who is just trying to get attention. Ramaswamy says that he thinks the RNC will try to silence him or cut off his funding, but this is not true. Ramaswamy is angry that the RNC told him he couldn't debate Chris Christie. Ramaswamy is not advancing in the polls, but Nikki Haley is, and that sets him off. Ramaswamy has qualified for the 4th RNC debate in Alabama, but we'll see if he shows up.


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