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Trump open to Vivek Ramaswamy as vice president

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Published 08-30-2023

Trump's praise for Vivek Ramaswamy

  • - Former President Trump praised Vivek Ramaswamy in an interview.
  • - Trump described Ramaswamy as smart, young, and talented.
  • - Trump expressed openness to considering Ramaswamy as a vice presidential candidate.
  • - Trump's comments reveal his willingness to support a younger and potentially more unconventional candidate.
  • - Ramaswamy's presidential candidacy gained attention through Trump's endorsement.

Ramaswamy's rising profile

  • - Ramaswamy's popularity increased over six months, going from an unknown candidate to a serious contender.
  • - GOP rivals such as Pence, Haley, and Christie have attacked Ramaswamy.
  • - Ramaswamy actively engaged in media interviews and campaigned in early states like Iowa and New Hampshire.
  • - Ramaswamy's strategy included taking on combative interviews and reaching out to voters.
  • - Ramaswamy's brand aligns with Trump on various policy issues, including abolishing the Department of Education.

Trump's advice to Ramaswamy

  • - During the interview, Trump advised Ramaswamy to be cautious and avoid controversy.
  • - Trump acknowledged Ramaswamy's tendency to be controversial .
  • - Trump emphasized the importance of holding back and being careful.
  • - Ramaswamy's spokesperson responded to Trump's suggestion, indicating that Ramaswamy may not hold back.
  • - Trump's advice suggests a desire for Ramaswamy to maintain a certain image.

Ramaswamy's policy positions

  • - Ramaswamy shares similar policy views with Trump, such as abolishing the Department of Education.
  • - Ramaswamy has proposed raising the voting age to 25, which is a distinctive idea.
  • - Ramaswamy supports launching military strikes against Mexico.
  • - Ramaswamy's policy alignment with Trump may contribute to his appeal among certain voters.
  • - Ramaswamy's policy positions highlight his unconventional approach to politics.

Ramaswamy's potential as Vice President

  • - Trump expressed belief in Ramaswamy's potential as a Vice President.
  • - Trump described Ramaswamy as a very intelligent person with good energy.
  • - Trump's endorsement suggests that Ramaswamy possesses the qualities necessary for the role.
  • - Ramaswamy's potential as Vice President could bring a fresh perspective to Washington.
  • - Trump's openness to considering Ramaswamy reflects his willingness to deviate from traditional choices.


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