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RNC warns Christie and Ramaswamy not to hold joint Fox News segment

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Published 10-03-2023

RNC has a rule against candidates participating in non-sanctioned debates

The article from Politico reports that the Republican National Committee (RNC) warned former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy against holding a joint appearance on Fox News. If they proceeded, they would be barred from participating in future RNC-sanctioned debates. This warning led to a change in format, with both candidates now scheduled for separate, back-to-back segments on Fox News.

The RNC has a rule against candidates participating in non-sanctioned debates, and this joint appearance was seen as a violation of that rule. Both Christie and Ramaswamy expressed disappointment with the RNC's decision. They viewed their planned joint appearance as an opportunity for a substantive exchange, something they feel has been lacking in the RNC-sanctioned debates.

The Trump campaign also weighed in, calling for the RNC to cancel the third debate altogether, citing Trump's dominance in the polls and his decision not to participate in the GOP primary debates.


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