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Presidential candidate says he would deport US-born children of undocumented migrants along with their parents

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Published 09-11-2023

Presidential candidate's stance on deporting US-born children of undocumented migrants

  • Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy stated that he would deport US-born children of undocumented migrants.
  • The candidate's stance applies even if the children were born inside the US.
  • Ramaswamy believes in enforcing immigration laws and removing individuals who entered the country illegally.
  • The candidate's position has sparked controversy and debate among voters and immigration advocacy groups.
  • Some argue that deporting US-born children goes against the principles of birthright citizenship.

Ramaswamy's vow to de-bureaucratize the path for legal immigrants to become citizens

  • Vivek Ramaswamy has pledged to simplify and streamline the process for legal immigrants to become citizens.
  • The candidate aims to reduce bureaucratic hurdles and make the path to citizenship more accessible.
  • Ramaswamy believes legal immigration is important to the country's growth and prosperity.
  • Simplifying the process would potentially benefit thousands of individuals seeking to legally immigrate to the US.
  • The candidate's proposal has received mixed reactions, with some praising the focus on legal immigration and others expressing concerns about potential loopholes.

Impact on undocumented migrant families

  • The candidate's stance on deporting US-born children would significantly impact undocumented migrant families.
  • Families would potentially face separation if parents are deported along with their US-born children.
  • The emotional and psychological toll on families, especially children, would be immense.
  • Critics argue that such policies could lead to the creation of a generation of stateless individuals.
  • The humanitarian implications of deporting US-born children are a point of contention in the immigration debate.

Birthright citizenship and constitutional implications

  • The debate around deporting US-born children of undocumented migrants raises questions about birthright citizenship.
  • Birthright citizenship is guaranteed under the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution.
  • The amendment states that anyone born on US soil is automatically a US citizen, regardless of their parent's immigration status.
  • Some argue that deporting US-born children would require a constitutional amendment to overturn birthright citizenship.
  • The issue of birthright citizenship and its interpretation is a complex legal and constitutional matter.

Public opinion and political implications

  • Ramaswamy's stance on deporting US-born children has sparked public debate and divided opinions.
  • Supporters argue that enforcing immigration laws is necessary to protect the country's borders and national security .
  • Critics argue that deporting US-born children goes against American values of inclusivity and compassion.
  • The candidate's position on immigration could impact his popularity among different voter demographics.
  • The issue of immigration and deportation policies is a significant factor in presidential campaigns and can sway public opinion.


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