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R.N.C. Thwarts Plans for Unofficial Ramaswamy-Christie Debate

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Published 10-05-2023

The article from The New York Times discusses an incident where the Republican National Committee (RNC) thwarted plans for an unofficial debate between Vivek Ramaswamy and Chris Christie. The debate was supposed to be presented by Fox News. However, the RNC informed both candidates that participating in this unofficial debate would bar them from future RNC-sanctioned debates.

The unofficial debate between Ramaswamy, an entrepreneur , and Christie, the former New Jersey Governor, was scheduled to be aired on Fox News. It was promoted as an hour-long special segment called "Candidates Corner." However, the RNC's intervention effectively canceled the event.

Both Ramaswamy and Christie criticized the RNC for this decision. Christie emphasized the need for more debates and in-depth conversations within the party. Ramaswamy was more critical, calling the previous RNC debate a disgrace and accusing the committee of rigging the nomination process.

The candidates had previously signed pledges to participate only in RNC-sanctioned debates. The RNC defended its decision, stating that it aims to maintain a fair and transparent debate process and will not succumb to pressure to change the rules to favor individual candidates.

As a result of the RNC's intervention, instead of the planned face-off, both candidates were set to sit for separate interviews that would air back to back on Fox News.


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