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Many Vivek Ramaswamy-curious voters have something in common: They’re actually backing Trump

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Published 09-07-2023

Title: "Many Vivek Ramaswamy -curious voters have something in common: They’re actually backing Trump" Authors: Emma Barnett and Katherine Koretski Date: September 7, 2023

Main Points:

  1. Campaign Events: Vivek Ramaswamy has been actively campaigning, appearing at 11 public events in New Hampshire over the Labor Day weekend and making a dozen stops in Iowa the previous week. His packed schedule and the large audiences he is drawing indicate a growing interest in his presidential campaign, especially since the August debate.
  2. Voter Sentiments: Many of the attendees at Ramaswamy's events are curious about his campaign but still plan to vote for former President Donald Trump. This presents a central problem for the Republican presidential field, as they are competing for votes with a candidate who had substantial support in the previous election. This issue is particularly significant for Ramaswamy, whose campaign closely mirrors Trump's in terms of policy and style.
  3. Voter Interviews: Interviews with voters at Ramaswamy's events reveal mixed feelings. While some appreciate Ramaswamy's stance and see potential in a Trump-Ramaswamy ticket, others are leaning more towards Trump, citing his experience and knowledge of the political landscape.
  4. Polling Data: Despite the growth Ramaswamy has experienced over the last month, polling data indicates that many people interested in his campaign are not planning to vote for him, at least not yet. A recent poll showed Ramaswamy with 4% support in the GOP caucuses in Iowa , but another 30% of Republicans consider him their second choice or a candidate they are considering supporting.
  5. Ramaswamy's Strategy: Ramaswamy acknowledges that most attendees at his events are or have been Trump supporters. He has praised Trump as the best president of the 21st century and envisions Trump serving as a significant adviser and mentor if he wins the presidency. Ramaswamy believes that converting Trump fans into his supporters will be a gradual process, emphasizing the current phase of his campaign is more about introductions rather than securing firm commitments.
  6. Voter Perspectives: While many voters are still leaning towards Trump, a segment of the electorate is looking for a fresh face to support in the 2024 election. Some voters find Ramaswamy promising and appreciate his messaging, indicating a willingness to support him, especially if the alternative is a Trump candidacy that does not involve Ramaswamy or other fresh faces like Nikki Haley.


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