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VIDEO | "Libs of TikTik" Speaks with Vivek Ramaswamy

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Published 09-19-2023

Background and Discovery of TikTok

  • Grew up in LA and lived in New York for several years
  • Attended a boarding school for high school
  • Spent one year studying in Israel after high school
  • Completed online college after returning from Israel
  • Had various jobs, including real estate, working in an Amazon-related company, and marketing
  • Became interested in understanding the decisions being made during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Created a Twitter account to stay informed and started paying attention to politics
  • Became aware of TikTok's popularity and its potential for sharing information
  • Noticed parents becoming more involved in their children's education due to remote learning
  • The timing of creating the 'Lives of TikTok' account coincided with increased interest in TikTok and parental concerns about education

TikTok's Rise to Popularity

  • TikTok became widely popular during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Lives of TikTok account gained popularity due to the timing of its creation and shared concerns about education
  • Initially shared COVID-related videos, including people's excitement about getting vaccinated and job losses due to vaccine refusal
  • Highlighted the idolization of Dr. Fauci and the creation of merchandise in his honor
  • Exposed disturbing content and ideologies being promoted on TikTok, especially in the education sector

Motivation to Speak Up

  • Frustration with being told to comply and stay silent during the pandemic
  • Desire to challenge the narrative and express dissenting opinions
  • Concern for the impact of decisions on people's livelihoods and freedoms
  • Recognition of the importance of raising awareness about concerning trends and ideologies
  • The decision to open a TikTok account as a platform to share information and engage in discussions

Impact and Success of Libs of TikTok

  • Libs of TikTok gained popularity quickly due to the timing of its creation and shared concerns about education and the pandemic.
  • Resonated with parents and individuals previously unaware of content taught in schools
  • Provided a platform for raising awareness and sparking conversations about cultural and political issues
  • Contributed to a larger movement of individuals challenging mainstream narratives and advocating for truth and transparency
  • Continues to be a popular and influential account on TikTok, with millions of followers and widespread engagement

Content and Perspective of 'Libs of TikTok'

  • Started posting other people's videos on TikTok
  • Chose the name 'Libs of TikTok' due to the trend of 'owning the libs'
  • The account gained popularity and started to explode
  • Veered away from COVID-related content and started sharing videos of activists pushing a sexualized agenda on kids
  • Motivated to raise awareness about cultural indoctrination in schools, hospitals, and institutions
  • Acted as a news service by sharing existing videos obtained from various sources on TikTok
  • Provides a unique perspective on the debate, focusing on critical race theory and trans indoctrination in schools
  • Content resonates with people across the political spectrum and aims to encourage open discussion.


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