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The world of Public Relations and Press Relations is certainly interesting indeed. Sometimes articles in the news are really ad-vertorials and not actually stories or articles at all. That indeed can be a huge problem. Sometimes if the news about your company is too good people will think that you are paying the newspaper, magazine or trade journal reporter, author or writer of the article or story.

There have been a lot of questions about the new college rankings, particularly what sort of methodology was used to assess hundreds of schools throughout the country. Although there's an entire school of thought on the efficacy of the rankings themselves, these criteria should at the very least be modified. One of the key criteria that should be factored into these rankings is post-graduation statistics, namely what students are doing from these prestigious colleges after they graduate.

So, we know that there are several ways to generate traffic with news feeds. You can either attract subscribers and have repeat visitors to your site. You can use RSS feeds to grab interesting content off other people's sites and make your website more attractive and interesting. And, you can also create and package your own RSS feeds and make them available to other people to publicize your content and bring people to your site.

Over the last ten years, the housing market has seen its ups and downs; literally. From the early 1990s until June of 2006, the housing bubble was created. Home prices skyrocketed to levels that many families never would have guessed. Some home owners refinanced their homes on a yearly basis and got tens of thousands of dollars just because the value of their home had increased so much.

Debt repayment is one of those problems that almost every person has these days. They have to pay a major part of their income as debt repayment installments. Individuals think that they will be able to repay the debt in full very soon, but experts think that it is extremely difficult. Individuals have to work day and night to make them eligible to pay back the loan installments.

If you've made the leap and decided to own your own business, you've got a lot to think about. Getting a client list put together, deciding how to advertise your business, and applying for all the right permits can be a real hassle. What shouldn't be a hassle is setting up your office. If you don't already own everything you need-and it is likely that you don't-working with one of many rent to own companies can be the way to go.

Now that Serena and Blair are working to repair their relationship, the two are working to trust each other again, but things are not always as easy as they can be. Things are looking up for Blair when her mother decides that she should be the new face of her clothing line that is going to launch at Bendell's.

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